About us

“Etamad Grup Sea & Land Transport” was established as a private company in 1994, and it’s specialized in transport services for different routes, covering two major trade areas:

  • Middle East
  • CIS & Far East countries.

We maintain a focused activity on certain routes, where we grew up to become leaders of the market. These routes includes shipments to and from: Iran, Turkey, Siria, Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc.

At the beginning, our activity was mainly consisting of trucking services.

Nevertheless, as a reaction to globalization challenge, with the wish to face the competition, Etamad Grup has adopted multi-modal transport concepts into everyday operations. Multi-modal transports combine trucking with seafreight and rail freight, cargo shipping by containers, vessel chartering, Ro-Ro services, therefore we are providing door-to-door services not only to the major trade routes, but also to the small, remote and hostile areas.

Etamad Grup is your logistics partner, offering you a significant background and experience in delivering fulfilled promises.

Over the last 2 years, Etamad Grup had delivered different cargoes summing approximate 500.000 MTS to the destinations above, making us the leading agent in the specified areas. The type of merchandises that we transported vary from oil equipment, steel plates, pipes to paper roles, crew boats, private wagons, raw materials or household equipment.

We know that every cargo is unique and special, which is why we ensure 100% safe deliveries for any cargo.

Once the cargo leaves our client’s doorstep, Etamad is ensuring:

  • The safest and most reliable equipment will handle your commodity.
  • Utilization of the most cost-effective means of transportation;
  • Processing of all required documentation, from permitting and special escorts, to Export/Import Declarations;
  • Daily status/location of your shipment;
  • Accurate invoices, packing lists, BLs etc.

Our client's satisfaction is the value of our efficiency and competence. Therefore, we engage ourselves in serving the interests of our clients at our best and to maintain a close, formal and professional contact with them.

The competition on this market enables us to evolve by permanently increasing the quality standards.