The automotive industry has known a ceaseless development for the last 15 years, in Romania. As main producers of automotive systems and parts we trace names as RENAULT GROUP, INERGY AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS, MAGNETTO WHEELS, ACI ROMANIA, COMAU ROMANIA etc.

Starting January 2006, ETAMAD GRUP started carrying automotive parts from Europe to Iran, based on many long-term collaboration agreements. Up to the beginning of 2008 we managed to dispatch to Iran more then 100.000 MTS spare parts for the automotive industry.

Besides the spare parts dispatches we have handled in 2005 one transportation project on the route Iran – Syria of approximately 4000 CBU KIA vehicles, for one of the major automotive manufacturers in Iran. This represented the beginning for our CBU dispatches. In 2007 we have begun our transport cooperation with a local manufacturer for dispatches of CBU vehicles to Iran.

We have managed to provide services as:

  • In-land transportation for spare parts/ CKD’s exports from Europe to Iran;
  • CBU (complete build units) vehicles transportation to and within Middle East;
  • Dispatch of CBU by sea to Turkey and further on to Iran;
  • CBU storage in Romanian port;
  • Transit custom formalities in Turkey for CBU forwardings.

Using our long experience in Middle East transportation along with our skilled and professional staff we are able to guarantee a large range of quality services to our customers, especially on the automotive logistics field.