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Chartering & Brokering

Chartering & Brokering

Expert chartering and brokering services for seamless transportation of your cargo

ETAMAD CHARTERING & BROKERING  is an establishment that meets the needs of ship owners and charterers, provides them professional brokerage service and presents its wide shipping experiences to everyone who has activities in the shipping sector.  

The indispensable conditions of being successful in a new economic process and nowadays modern system are to develop the abilities of “Teamwork” and “rapid operation”.

ETAMAD  Chartering & Brokering Division prides itself on the duties performed during a fixture, as well as the services provided after the fixture is concluded. From the time a market order is received until the voyage is completed with the final freight account being settled, ETAMAD Chartering & Brokering Division remains “in motion” catering to the client’s needs to ensure smooth sailing during each voyage. Daily contact with other ship brokers and ship owners around the world enables the company to research and maintain up to date and accurate assessments of current market trends and future market movements.

ETAMAD  Chartering & Brokering Division provides a comprehensive service which includes: World wide ship chartering 

  • International cargo transportation by sea and rivers 
  • Complete logistics solutions
  • Finding a suitable ship for the cargoes and vice versa 
  • Charter party and contracts of affreightment arrangements 
  • Daily freight market review and analysis 
  • Trading and fixing upon the most competitive freight rates available Nomination and coordination of the port agents and stevedores 
  • Daily monitoring of the vessels’ position and itinerary 
  • Handling of demurrage calculations and claims 
  • And many more… 

We believe that success is related to the qualification. Our qualifications are for giving importance to the quality, being in specialized construction and operations, keeping the targets on developing business understanding, and maintaining the basis of our success on our customers’ satisfaction.

ETAMAD  is a qualified and experienced corporate identity where you can be provided with versatile services which are so much required in maritime transport.

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