We started our activity by mobilizing TIR units into Iran, Etamad Grup being the first Romanian forwarder covering this area.

We are now covering most of the major road trade routes from Europe & Asia, to:

  • Middle East: Iran, Iraq, Syria etc.
  • CIS countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan etc.

Because many cargoes require special treatment, we are able to face most of the difficulties that can occur while transhipments are been made, letter of credit's corresponding documents issuing, over-dimensional shipments handling etc.

Having access to over 2 000 different trucks and trailers, we are equipped to provide a door-to-door haulage service, anywhere, any time. Whether you need a full truck or partial shipment, Etamad Grup can deliver your goods in the shortest time frame, giving you the chance to track your load at any time during its course.ETAMAD invested its resources in the creation of a wide and reliable network of partners for full loads, express, special shipments and partial lots.

The Roadway - basis of our business

The roadway is our main and most common mean of transportation that we use for cargo delivery. In time, our experience in road transportation combined with other transportation solutions, innovative ideas and the urge to develop our activityenabled us to give you top quality service and in real time.